About Us

First and foremost, Connected Self is about you.  We work with individuals, families, and organisations to assist them in achieving their wellbeing goals.

Connected Self, founded in 2007, is a community of passionate practitioners who are driven to have a positive impact on others and, as our name suggests, we are about making connections.  We believe that by supporting people and organisations to create connections to themselves (who they are), their family, community and customers, their environment and aspirations, they can achieve higher levels of wellbeing, personal fulfilment and productivity.

We assist many individuals, families and organisations to achieve their goals. We do this by recruiting qualified, talented, inspirational and committed people and supporting them to work with you to identify the outcomes you want to achieve. Our people then employ evidence based and innovative approaches to help you achieve these outcomes in a sustainable way.

Our Mission

To provide innovative, engaging and best-practice services and concepts that support children, families, individuals and organisations to better understand and meet their needs, and achieve higher levels of personal fulfillment, achievement and productivity.  

Our vision is to assist our young people, adults, families, organisations and our people to be grounded, mindful, inspired and productive by supporting and strengthening:

·   Their connections to themselves (e.g., valuing who they are);

·   Their connections to their family community and customers;

·   Their connections to their environment;

·   Their connections to their goals and aspirations, and ways to overcome barriers to these.

Connected Self is proud to be an endorsing organisation of the Office of the Guardian for Children and Young People's 'Charter of Rights.' The Charter of Rights for Children and Young People in Care states simply and clearly the rights of children and young people who are in care.

If you would like to learn more, you can click the logo to your left or click HERE to be taken to the Office of the Guardian for Children and Young People's website.