Art Shaped Pose

What is Art Shaped Pose

Art Shaped Pose is a unique wellbeing program that utilises the combined modalities of Yoga and Art Therapy. It is delivered in a group setting and can be tailored to the needs of any target audience. Young people and adults of all ages have engaged in this innovative and experiential program. By using Yoga as a means to connect body and mind, strategies are learnt that will assist in day to day experiences and result in improved wellbeing. The Art Therapy allows individuals to engage in a reflective, creative process that supports new ways of thinking and being.

The reflective component or intent of the program can be tailored to a specific need. For example; Art Shaped Pose has been used to support adolescents living with social anxiety. The program has also been tailored to meet the needs of a parenting group – allowing individuals time to reflect on their own childhood experiences and parenting styles.

The focus on a mindfulness approach to being in the moment and developing self-awareness places this program in line with current research on mindfulness and its importance in todays world.

How is it delivered

Art Shaped Pose can be delivered in a variety of settings and can work with small groups or groups of up to 15 participants – dependant upon specific needs. Programs run from 90 minutes to 2 hours in length and are also designed to ensure that anyone can participate. There is no need to be good at art or have had any previous yoga experience. Generally a series of sessions are delivered across 8 to 10 weeks and can be designed as negotiated.

How to access Art Shaped Pose

Usually programs are delivered in collaboration with a specific service, organisation or agency.

For more information please email Cath, our Senior Art Therapist at

Or alternatively, please call (08) 8232 2438 to speak to our friendly and supportive reception staff.