Case Management

What is Case Management

Connected Self are proud members of the Preferred Panel of Providers for the Department of Education and Child Development (DECD). This means we are accredited to deliver Case Management Services to students who are eligible for funding through the Student Engagement and Community Partnerships stream. We have been delivering programs and services to schools and youth organisations across Australia since 2008.  We believe in the importance of using creative and engaging activities to assist individuals and groups to reach their personal goals.

We have an experienced and qualified team of youth Practitioners delivering on quality case management and related support services for young people. We work with a range of partners to work collaboratively to achieve positive outcomes for individual young people as well as groups of young people. We have a strong focus on practice support and development within our team, including working within a multi-disciplinary context, to ensure we can provide a holistic approach to supporting young people.

How we can help

We undertake validated assessments, with clear therapeutic intent, to provide goal oriented planning and Case Management to assist in supporting young people to achieve their potential.  This involves a range of activities to enhance awareness, build skills, and foster positive mindsets for those young people we work alongside and their families. We provide these services when and where young people, and their families, require them. This includes working on site at school campus’ or alternative education programs, in community centres, service sites, family homes and any other places in the community where young people feel safe.

Connected Self provide regular practice support to all our youth practitioners, such as ongoing coaching, practice workshops and specialist training. We understand the importance of keeping up to date with current support networks, and ensuring we have strong partnerships to deliver multi-systemic approaches, especially for young people with higher and more complex needs. This ensures that all our youth practitioners are equipped with the tools they require to provide quality case management, and associated support, for young people.

Our practice framework is supported by ongoing collaboration with a dedicated psychologist, who can provide clinical guidance for youth practitioners to assist in informing the interactions we have with young people.

How to access Case Management

If you are interested in accessing Case Management, please contact your child’s school of enrolment for more information or contact (08) 8232 2438 or via email at