High Quality Coaching & Training

What is High Quality Coaching & Training

At Connected Self we are passionate about delivering high quality coaching and training to build the knowledge, skills, experience and awareness for professionals as well as those looking to develop themselves personally. We employ people who bring a passion for sharing their expertise in a way that is practical and backed by evidence based frameworks, theories and approaches. They have significant industry experience in the topics that they are delivering which enables them to deliver the subject matter in a genuine and applied manner. Our intent is to create fun, engaging, practical and informative opportunities for learning and skill development. Each person who delivers coaching or training services has received considerable training (and accreditation where relevant) as well as ongoing professional feedback to ensure that their approach is consistently of a high standard.

As well as delivering training and coaching services at our head office in Carrington Street, Adelaide, sessions can be delivered at your workplace, or other venue, across Australia and internationally. We currently deliver a range of training programs, and coaching services, in South Australia, Northern Territory, Victoria, Western Australia, New South Wales and in the Netherlands. We have also delivered courses in remote areas and will work with you to deliver programs wherever there is the need.

How we can help

Coaching and training services can be customised to your particular need, context and/or agency or delivered ‘off the shelf’. Some of the coaching and training programs that we deliver include, but are not limited to:

  • Mindfulness Foundations (in conjunction with Mindfulness Matters Australia).
  • Mindfulness Teach ‘.b’ (in conjunction with Mindfulness Matters Australia).
  • Rock and Water Program Facilitation.
  • Transformational Leadership Training.
  • Transformational Leadership Coaching.
  • Employee Engagement & Wellbeing.
  • Self-Care for Community Service Practitioners.
  • Integrated Practice Support.
  • Complex Case Workshops.
  • Practice Coaching.
  • Wellbeing Coaching.
  • Personality Type (Myers Briggs Type Indicator - MBTI) Workshop.
  • Personality Type (Myers Briggs Type Indicator - MBTI) Coaching.
  • Clinical Coaching and Supervision.
  • Managing Stress Training.
  • Governance Training (for Boards or Executive Groups).
  • Project Management Training.
  • Managing Complex Stakeholder Relationships Training.
  • Individual Brand Coaching.
  • Strategic Planning Training.
  • Creating Value – Taking an Entrepreneurial Approach Training.
  • Executive Coaching.
  • Providing Effective Supervision and Feedback Training.
  • Providing Effective Supervision and Feedback Coaching.
  • Workforce Developing – Attracting and Retaining Quality People Training.
  • Reviewing & Evaluating Programs Training.
  • Leading Change Training.
  • Developing, Implementing and Leading Culture Training.
  • Developing, Implementing and Leading Culture Coaching.

How to access High Quality Coaching & Training

General enquiries for High Quality Coaching & Training Services can be made by callingg (08) 8232 2438 or by contacting Sean Lappin,  directly via email at seanlappin@connectedself.com.au.