Integrated Practice Support

What is Integrated Practice Support

At Connected Self we have invested heavily in the development of quality, evidence informed, practice approaches, structures and systems to support the delivery of high quality integrated practice, both internally and in partnership with other organisations. To do this we have synthesised a range of different approaches that are scaffolded into an easily digestible format that can be customised to a variety of applications and service contexts – this include (but is not limited to):

  • Restorative Practice.
  • Attachment Theory (and the Circle of Security).
  • Trauma Informed Approaches.
  • Resilience Theory.
  • Transtheoretical Theory (or Stages of Change).
  • Cognitive Behavioural Approach.
  • Schema Therapy.
  • Acceptance & Commitment Theory.
  • Psycho-Social Approaches.
  • Psycho-Physical Therapy.
  • Expressive Arts Therapy.
  • Relationship Based Practice.

At the core of our approach is the belief that the relationship is the core of everything that we do and as such it is the relationship that we bring primary focus to in the first instance. We then seek to create awareness of what may be underlying the presenting issues, at the individual’s emotional core, to inform the therapeutic intent that we bring to each interaction we have with the individual we are working with.

Importantly we have developed an integrated and flexible multi-disciplinary approach to ensure that we bring rigor to the way that we deliver therapeutic intent for each organisation and individual. Our experienced and committed psychologists, art therapists, counsellors, practice leaders and youth practitioners work within a structured yet dynamic collaborative context to maintain high levels of quality in our practice and to assist partner organisations to build their capacity.

How we can help

We deliver a range of services directly (please see the relevant sections for more detail) as well as supporting partner organisations to develop, implement and monitor their practice in a way that is tailored to the application and service context. The customised suite of practice support services delivered are developed in partnership with each organisation, and contingent on a range of factors particular to each situation. The following represents an overview of some of the likely activities that can result from this process:

  • Development of a practice approach with key principles and a ‘practice toolkit’ for delivering the approach with integrity.
  • Practice training and coaching for groups and individuals, including ‘advanced training’ for those responsible for building capacity for practice within the organisation.
  • Establishment of Communities of Practice comprised of members of individual teams and/or intra-team membership to promote cross pollination of practice strategies.
  • Clinical secondary consult models with qualifies, experienced and committed psychologists.
  • Provision of clinical supervision targeted to key personnel within the organisation.
  • Support to develop structures that will promote a focus on continuous improvement for practice internal to the organisation.
  • Monitoring of the approach to ensure it is getting traction at the operational level.
  • Facilitating ongoing case study workshops to promote learning relevant to the practice context, including complex case discussions for working with clients with high and complex needs.
  • Other services as required and relevant.

How to access Integrated Practice Support

General enquiries for Integrated Practice Support Services can be made by calling (08) 8232 2438 or by contacting Sean Lappin, our Managing Director, directly via email at

Trauma Aware Training

Connected Self is also a preferred provider for the Trauma Aware Schools Initiative (TASi).  For more information please click here.