What is Mindfulness

In a busy modern world, we are constantly being exposed to a significant amount of information which create a great deal of expectation about how we should be. This often results in becoming preoccupied with multiple thoughts, mostly about concerns associated with things that have happened in the past and/or anxiety about what might happen in the future. Without some sort of support this preoccupation is rapidly translating into symptoms associated with anxiety, depression and stress which are quickly becoming the most dominant conditions requiring clinical, and often pharmaceutical, treatments.

Mindfulness has been identified as an effective approach for both preventing, and responding to, stress, anxiety and depression. There is significant evidence which has emerged to suggest that mindfulness can lead to participants feeling happier, calmer, more fulfilled and focused. Connected Self provide a range of opportunities to engage in mindfulness for children, young people and adults. This includes having personnel accredited in the delivery of evidence based programs such as ‘.b’ which was developed in the United Kingdom for young people aged 11 to 17 years.

How we can help

The ‘.b’ Program is a ten module course that can be delivered in classrooms or other group settings. It uses a range of creative multimedia approaches - such as animations, sounds and videos - to engage young minds in a series of mindfulness practices. The program also offers an applied approach with demonstrations and practical exercises to assist young people to learn mindfulness skills to develop their own practice. There is a range of evidence which has validated the use of mindfulness in the educational context which has prompted educators, and others associated with supporting young people’s development, to embed mindfulness programs in curriculum and program scheduling across Australia and the world.

Mindfulness can also be delivered to adults, in groups or to young people and adults on a one to one basis. These approaches can be tailored to the context using a range of different evidence based approaches by personnel who have embodied their own mindfulness approaches and have undertaken a range of training courses. These personnel also access external supervision from highly qualified practitioners through our partnering agencies (see below).

How to access Mindfulness

Connected Self work with a range of partners to deliver high quality mindfulness programs. This includes our key partner in Australia, Mindfulness Matters.

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Please contact our friendly reception team on (08) 8232 2438 or info@connectedself.com.au for more information.