Organisational Capacity Building

What is Organisational Capacity Building

Working alongside organisations to assist you to achieve your vision and strategic goals through a range of innovative and effective approaches to building capacity. Primarily our focus in the provision of consultancy services is helping you to get what you want and need to achieve your strategic intent. We understand how important effective teams are in contributing to this process and work with you to build those teams. As part of our commitment to sustainable outcomes we also work with you to develop and refine systems and strategies that assists teams to continue to grow, adapt and meet new challenges.

Our services are designed to help you realise your goals and open new paradigms and possibilities in the way you deliver your services. Our consultants draw on a significant amount of experience, knowledge and skills in doing this and are passionate about assisting you to realise your organisational or personal objectives. This includes finding ways to embed measures which help you to understand how well you are achieving identified strategic goals, service benchmarks and client outcomes. All Connected Self consultants bring considerable experience, knowledge and qualifications in the development, analysis, implementation and review of programs, services and business structures across Australia.

How we can help

Our experienced, qualified and motivated consultants can provide a range of support services to organisations across Australia, including, but not limited to:

  • Strategic and business planning and monitoring.
  • Implementation and integration of quality systems and associated processes.
  • Engagement of management and staff in preparing, implementing and monitoring change processes.
  • Undertaking research and development to inform innovative new approaches to service provision.
  • Implementation, establishment and monitoring of service models (including tender processes).
  • Engaging and consulting with communities to inform strength based planning approaches.
  • Assisting in the management of complex stakeholder relationships.
  • Working with management, operational personnel and clients in developing and implementing policy positions, frameworks, and procedures.
  • Facilitation services, including conferences, workshops, presentations and panels.
  • Mediation services, including dispute resolution.
  • Workforce development, including implementing integrated staff recruitment, retention and development strategies.
  • Administration of vocational assessments, professional coaching (MBTI and other profiling tools) and case management of staff returning to work.
  • Leadership training and coaching, including associated systems development.
  • Facilitating complimentary strength based teams.
  • Development of an effective culture tailored to each organisation’s values, vision and strategic intent.
  • Developing, implementing and reviewing governance and risk management structures, organisational structures, systems and processes.
  • Developing effective approaches to employee wellbeing which reduce the impacts of stress, including employee assistance services.
  • Assessing and responding to risks associated with organisational violence, including management plans and debriefing mechanisms.
  • Development and implementation of project management systems and associated process.
  • Development, implementation and monitoring of evaluation and research frameworks and associated systems for data measurement, management and reporting.

How to access Organisational Capacity Building

General enquiries for Organisational Capacity Building Services can be made by calling (08) 8232 2438 or by contacting Sean Lappin, our Principal Consultant, directly via email at