Rock & Water Wellbeing Approach

What is Rock & Water Wellbeing Approach

The Rock & Water Wellbeing Approach captures the strengths, experiences and skills of Connected Self to work collaboratively with schools to achieve wellbeing outcomes while growing a wellbeing culture within a school community.

The Rock & Water program is well known throughout school education systems around the world since it was written in the mid 1990’s. The program is founded on a psycho-physical framework, and has aspects of key philosophies such as brain gym, mindfulness and the philosophies of the “Rock & Water Program” developed by Dutch educationalist, Freerk Ykema.

The Rock & Water Wellbeing Approach aims to:

  • Partner with all levels of a school community to build and maintain an authentic wellbeing culture.
  • Connect a common approach, philosophy, framework, program, language and wellbeing strategy to all people in the school community.
  • Educate students, teachers, school staff, parents and families in wellbeing, child and development learning, the Rock & Water program and other evidence based engagement strategies.
  • Support the school community collectively or individually (side by side) with a multi-disciplinary approach to program delivery.
  • Unite a school community by implementing a strategic approach to wellbeing and engagement for children, young people and adults.

This wellbeing approach offers a highly experienced, trained and skilled Rock & Water Practitioner to work with school community members including children, young people and adults.

How is the Rock & Water Wellbeing Approach delivered

As the centrepiece of The Rock & Water Wellbeing Approach, the Rock & Water Approach offers a philosophy of wellbeing while providing a range of language, strategies and principles that teachers, parents and other professionals can use to engage and work with children and young people. This partnership includes engaging a Rock & Water Practitioner to work onsite with the school community one day a week for a full calendar year and allows the service delivery to include school holiday periods that support families and schools during traditional non-contact periods.

The Rock & Water Practitioner trained for this program approach will support the school by delivering four key elements within their role:

  1. Group facilitation of the Rock & Water Approach to all students, teachers, support staff and school community.
  2. One-on-One Support – intensive support for students.
  3. Capacity Building for Teachers – supporting teachers and school staff.
  4. Parent support – working with families.

How to access the Rock & Water Wellbeing Approach

For more information on the Rock & Water Wellbeing Approach, please contact (08) 8232 2438 or by contacting Sean Lappin, via email at