Therapeutic Mentoring

What is Therapeutic Mentoring

Connected Self’s Therapeutic Mentoring Program involves highly skilled Youth Practitioners spending time with young people to help them achieve their goals.  Although we maintain a fundamental practice focus on resilience, wellbeing and personal growth, each program is tailored to best suit the young person, and their family, to allow them to get the most out of the service.  The young people that access our program often exhibit acting out behaviours, are disengaged from mainstream supports such as education, or are struggling to maintain functional relationships with the important people in their lives.  Whilst talking things through and engaging with a psychologist might be exactly what a young person needs, they’re often not ready to sit down in a clinical setting and open up to someone they see as a strange adult.  This is where a skilled Youth Practitioner comes into play, by first building a mentoring relationship that is based on fun.  While engaging young people in fun activities, Youth Practitioners receive practice guidance and support from one our highly trained Psychologists through a secondary-consult model.  This high level of practice supervision, debriefing and support, ensures each session is delivered with clear intent, with the young person’s wellbeing and personal goals as the focus.  The result is young people engaged in meaningful conversations within safe and positive relationships that are built through fun and playful shared activities.

How we can help

Our Youth Practitioners spend time with young people each week, taking them on community-based outings or spending time together at school or in the family home, depending on the intent of the program. Sessions usually last around three hours and there are usually one to three sessions per week. In addition to the above practice model, our Youth Practitioners ensure their practice supports are informed and complimented by other support services, whether through partnerships with external providers or through other Connected Self services, such as Psychology, psychophysical approaches such as Rock and Water, or Art Therapy. By having all services working in harmony and aligned to the same goal, greater outcomes are achieved by young people.

How to access Therapeutic Mentoring

Connected Self are approved providers with Disability Services (SA), the Department for Child Protection (DCP) and the Department for Education and Child Development (DECD). We work in partnership with these agencies to access required funding and we are available to talk you through the process of engaging with these services.

For more information please don’t hesitate to contact Miles Lappin on 0416 662 919 or to discuss these options.