Transformational Leadership

What is Transformational Leadership

Leadership in any organisation is a key factor in employee wellbeing, promoting creativity and innovation, maximising efficient and effective communication and improving quality outcomes and productivity. Just as having the right machinery, and technicians to service that machinery, is critical to the manufacturing industry having effective leaders is just as critical to the service industry.

We have significant experience in delivering leadership across a range of government, non-government, not-for-profit, commercial, state and national contexts. Each one of our consultants has lived experience as a leader, combined with study and qualifications, which provide a robust theoretical foundation to complement our leadership practice. Our approach is to bring this experience and knowledge and to work with you, as the experts within your organisations, to create a customised leadership program that will meet your specific organisational needs and is tailored to each individual. We believe that leadership must be fostered through an understanding of the strengths, values and competencies that each person brings.

Our broad leadership framework brings together a range of different aspects to inform a holistic notion of what it means to be a leader, this includes:

  • Emotional Intelligence;
  • Physical Intelligence;
  • Intellectual Intelligence; and,
  • Spiritual Intelligence.*

*Not linked to any form of institutional religious understandings of spirituality.

How we can help

Our intent is to work in partnership with each organisation to better understand your specific needs, the industry and context that you work within, and the people who have been engaged to deliver leadership roles. To do this our primary focus in the first instance is to meet with you to develop this understanding in conjunction with key personnel from your agency. Once we have done with we work collaboratively to deliver an integrated approach to building effective leadership, including (but not limited to) the following elements:

  • Understanding Self (and Self-Care).
  • Characteristics of Leadership and Creating your Brand.
  • Building and Communicating Vision.
  • Analysing the Political, Policy and Funding Landscape.
  • Taking a Strategic Approach to Influencing Outcomes.
  • Creating Awareness of Personality Preferences and Complimentary Approaches to Leading Teams.
  • Emotional Intelligence and Strength Based Approaches to Leadership.
  • Fostering a Dynamic and Constructive Culture.
  • Creativity, Innovation & Leadership.
  • Creating Value – the Entrepreneurial Approach.
  • Coaching & Developing People.
  • Wellbeing, Vulnerability & Mindful Leadership.
  • Change Management.
  • Personal Productivity and Systems.
  • Strategic Planning & Implementation.

This program is delivered in a manner that will meet your individual and/or organisational needs, including group workshops, individual coaching and using a range of technology platforms.

How to access Transformational Leadership

General enquiries for Transformational Leadership Services can be made by calling (08) 8232 2438 or by contacting Sean Lappin, directly via email at

Please note this approach can be customised to a specific agency and/or delivered to individuals within a one-on-one and/or group setting.