Building Complimentary Teams

What is Building Complimentary Teams

We work in partnership with organisations to create teams that make the best use of each member’s strengths, to realise the organisation’s goals. This often starts by working collaboratively to develop a cohesive and shared vison and identifying complimentary roles based on a clear understanding of each team member’s personality preferences. This assists in understanding how each team member:

  • Gets their energy;
  • Makes decisions;
  • Plans activities and tasks;
  • Communicates; and,
  • Resolves conflict.

This process has been demonstrated to enhance positive interactions between team members as well as bringing focus to everyone’s wellbeing as well as the collective wellbeing of the team. Many teams have reported a range of benefits which have resulted, including (but not limited to):

  • Improved communication;
  • Greater efficiencies;
  • Enhanced team learning;
  • Experience more positive emotions and greater wellbeing;
  • Improved relationship networks internally and external to the organization;
  • More constructive and robust culture;
  • More able to manage negative impacts and complex issues;
  • Improved capacity to attract employees; and,
  • Higher levels of individual and collective productivity.

How we can help

We work in close partnership with key leaders in identifying clear intent for our engagement and spend time getting to know the team to understand how best we can support you. Our initial focus is on listening to you to better understand what you do, how you do it and what might be getting in the way of realising the potential of your team, and the individuals who make up the team. Once we have developed some understanding we check in with you to make sure that we have heard you and that we haven’t missed anything. Only then will we begin to formulate a strategy tailored to your team, and in conjunction with key personnel, to work towards your goals. This may include (but is not limited to):

  • Personality profiling (e.g., the Myers Briggs Type Indicator) of each team member;
  • Establishing a team profile of strengths, and potential blind spots;
  • Facilitating workshops to promote awareness of the what each team member brings to the collective team dynamic, in a fun, safe and constructive way;
  • Building more effective ways to communicate positively and constructively;
  • Establishing systems that will assist in promoting complimentary skills and strengths of the team;
  • Facilitating collaborative workshops to articulate the shared vision of the team and implementing a culture that will support this vision;
  • Recommending structures and systems that will enhance the way that teams come together, receive support and promote clarity of roles; and,
  • Customising an approach to strength based leadership that promotes and supports effective, constructive and healthy teams.

How to access Building Complimentary Teams

General enquiries for Building Complimentary Team Services can be made by calling (08) 8232 2438 or by contacting Sean Lappin, our Principal Consultant, directly via email at