Mindfulness Training

What is Mindfulness Training

In a busy modern world, we are constantly being exposed to a significant amount of information which create a great deal of expectation about how we should be. This often results in becoming preoccupied with multiple thoughts, mostly about concerns associated with things that have happened in the past and/or anxiety about what might happen in the future. Without some sort of support this preoccupation is rapidly translating into symptoms associated with anxiety, depression and stress which are quickly becoming the most dominant conditions requiring clinical, and often pharmaceutical, treatments.

Mindfulness has been identified as an effective approach for both preventing, and responding to, stress, anxiety and depression. There is significant evidence which has emerged to suggest that mindfulness can lead to participants feeling happier, calmer, more fulfilled and focused. Connected Self, in conjunction with Mindfulness Matters Australia, provide a range of opportunities to engage in mindfulness training courses to deliver programs to children, young people and adults.

How we can help

There are a range of training courses available for Mindfulness, which Connected Self are working on in partnership with Mindfulness Matters Australia. In the first instance, we will be delivering the following programs, which will be expanded upon in coming months:

Mindfulness Training and Well-being for Teachers: Finding Peace in a Busy School - An Introduction and Intermediate 2-day course for teachers/youth workers/ parents/general public.

This two-stage mindfulness course is for teachers, parents, youth workers or general public to develop their own personal mindfulness practice of at least 10 minutes per day. After each lesson, you will be given a daily practice program for a week, to follow to develop the skills that you learn. If you wish to progress further to teach others, it will be important to attend a mindfulness retreat, maintain a daily reflective diary and develop your own personal daily mindfulness practice program (we can assist you with this process). This ensures that you embody mindfulness to tech it with authenticity and to pass on the skills in a genuine and applied manner.

More details on both the Introduction and Intermediate are available here. The cost of this course is $665.00 (includes the cost of the textbook). The schedule of dates are as follows:

  • Perth 5th - 6th October
  • Melbourne 13th - 14th November
  • Adelaide 16th - 17th November

How to access Mindfulness Training

These training courses are being facilitated in partnership with Mindfulness Matters Australia.

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To register for these courses, click on this link, which will take you to the relevant site, and complete details for the course that you are interested in.