Psychotherapy & Counselling

Connected Self are committed to working with young people and adults to support their therapeutic needs. We offer individual and family psychotherapy and counselling as another modality to respond to the mental health and wellbeing needs of young people, and adults. Our psychotherapists and counsellors bring significant experience and qualifications to their roles in a range of contexts.

We understand the importance of supporting young people in the context of their family. Families are often a critical source of support and can assist in building the resilience of young people while they navigate life’s challenges. We also understand that families go through challenging times and family counselling supports families to communicate effectively and to foster sustainable and constructive relationships between family members.

Meet Our Psychotherapists

Chris Brouwer


Tristan Avella-O'Brien

Somatic Psychotherapist

How to access Psychotherapy & Counselling

For more information please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly reception team on (08) 8232 2438 or to discuss these options.