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Chris Brouwer

Post-Graduate Holistic Psychotherapy & Counselling
Membership with PACFA

Master of Education (Secondary Science)
Bachelor of Science

Chris is passionate about positive human transformation. Previously, Chris worked with people from all walks of life on their physical goals in the great outdoors as a Coach and helped spark passion in a mind or two through education as a registered Teacher and University demonstrator.

In his current role as a Psychotherapist, Chris loves creating conversations that make space for who people really are and what people may become with a little help. Chris utilises a holistic, process-oriented approach to therapy, which brings a mindset of curiosity to experiences. Preferring to ‘teach a person to fish’ rather than just give them one, Chris often weaves education into conversations with clients. He feels that it’s important that this comes from a place of lived experience rather than simply words from a book and he is happy to acknowledge the wisdom his clients bring to each session.

In his spare time. Chris is an avid dancer, poet, and surfer. When not out imbibing the sights that our abundant wild world has to offer or enjoying time with family and friends, he often takes the liberty of sitting still for a bit – which most people refer to as meditation.


Tristan Avella-O’Brien

Mindful Somatic Psychotherapy - What is somatic psychotherapy?

Hakomi Professional Training Graduate, HEART Relationship Training (continuing)

Master of Social Work, Bachelor of Science (Hons), Diploma of Languages (Spanish)

As a graduate of Hakomi Somatic Mindfulness Psychotherapy, Tristan supports clients (individuals and relationships) towards personal growth and transformation through curious exploration of the unconscious negative beliefs that arise from adverse experiences in childhood. In an environment of safety and non-judgement, Tristan’s approach is gentle and compassionate.

With a diverse background in psychotherapy, social work, outdoor education, and ecology, Tristan uses his lived experience to blend contemporary neuroscience with the approaches of the wisdom traditions. His passion for facilitating and strengthening connection – with ourselves, with our communities and with the natural world – is a principle that underlies this practice and is a hopeful and effective method for approaching and transcending trauma.

Tristan enjoys hiking, rock climbing, reading, and spending time with his family and in nature. He is passionate about environmental conservation and contributes to native habitat restoration in the Mt Lofty Ranges.

About Hakomi Somatic Mindfulness Psychotherapy
Adverse experiences during childhood mean many of us carry incorrect negative beliefs about ourselves in our unconscious. These are the cause of the limiting themes that continue to occur in our lives.

As a gentle, yet powerful process in mindfulness, Hakomi allows a participant to curiously study how they experience these themes in the present-moment by observing the mind and body. This process allows us to gain awareness, insight, and understanding into how these themes operate, which awakens compassion and with it, facilitates transcendence from these long-held negative self-beliefs.

Hakomi is a Hopi Native American word meaning “How do you stand in relation to these many realms?” The question asks us about what ‘self’ we present to the world when we are faced with situations and experiences that we find difficult. So really, it asks “Who are you?” with curiosity and compassion.

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